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Back By Popular Demand - Dave

By that, I mean I got bored and decided to do some new stuff.

So I'm back for a new year with a new style, but carrying on both the "poo on head" and "red pixel/blue pixel" ideas. Lets see how long it lasts this time.

A big aloha to the animaniacs crew. Love your work - hope you do mine.

Updates will be on a Monday/Wednesday/Friday format and every so often I might put in a little something extra. Might be in the form of a one-shot comic or a piece of art. Might even be an animation or other piece of multimeda so check back often. Anything extra that I post will be placed into some kind of repository so that you can grab it if you missed it.

The forums need your love. They yearn for your soft caress. They don't bite.

Once again, I must leave you to wallow in your own depravity. (I can insult you now because I'm doing a comic strip. That makes me better than you)


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